When you stop, engine stops

We acknowledge that some residents depend on cars, and alternative modes of transport are not feasible. For our motorised vehicle users in Portsmouth, we simply ask…

when you stop, engine stops.

A young girl stands at the beach holding 150 red balloons.

1 minute of a car’s engine idling creates 150 balloons worth of harmful emissions1, significantly and avoidably raising our air pollution levels. Reducing engine idling is a simple measure all vehicle owners can do to tackle our air pollution levels.

Whether you are waiting for a passenger, heating up your car on cold mornings, waiting in traffic where it is safe to stop and start, or anything in between – when you stop, engine stops.

Every time you are engine idling, consider those 150 balloons being released into the air each minute. This is more than you and that moment waiting in your car, it is the health of our city and its people.

Please help our air quality team in lowering vehicle idling in Portsmouth by not only sharing this information with drivers but also reporting incidents of engine idling via our form. This is completely anonymous, and we do not need license plate details, only the details of when and where so we may best target these areas. The form will take 1-2 minutes to complete and helps us in our continuing efforts to lower engine idling.

Report engine idling.

Learn more about engine idling.


  1. Source for 150 balloons = 1 min of idling
  2. Source for 28,000-36,000 deaths annually hold air pollutions contributing factors