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Clean Air Zone

Portsmouth has ongoing problems with poor air quality. Air pollution is a global health risk and is more harmful than passive smoking, so it’s important for us to act quickly to reduce air pollution in the shortest possible time.

The charging Clean Air Zone launched 29 November 2021. A daily charge will be issued to the most polluting vehicles for driving in the zone, these are referred to as ‘non-compliant’ vehicles.

For the Portsmouth charging CAZ, non-compliant vehicles are Heavy Goods Vehicles (HGVs), buses and coaches, taxis and private hire vehicles that:

Do not meet Euro 6 emissions standards (so are Euro 5 or older) if they are diesel.

Do not meet Euro 4 emissions standards (so are Euro 3 or older) if they are petrol.

If you’re not sure what Euro standard your vehicle is, please check your vehicle log book.

Private cars, motorcycles and vans will not be charged, as the government has approved our plans for a charging Class B CAZ.

The zone is approximately 3km2, and will be located to the south west of Portsmouth.

How do the proposals affect my vehicle?

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