Taxis and private hire vehicles

A daily charge is issued to some of the most polluting vehicles for driving in the zone. For the Portsmouth charging CAZ, this includes taxis and private hire vehicles that:

Do not meet Euro 6 emissions standards (so are Euro 5 or older) if they are diesel.

Do not meet Euro 4 emissions standards (so are Euro 3 or older) if they are petrol.

If you’re not sure what Euro standard your vehicle is, please check your vehicle log book.

The charge is £10 a day for non-compliant taxis and private hire vehicles.

The charge won’t be issued automatically, so you’ll need to be aware if your vehicle is subject to the charge and make payment within the payment window.

You won’t receive a notification or reminder to inform you that you’ve driven through the zone in a non-compliant vehicle and need to make payment.

You’ll only be charged once a day no matter how many trips through the zone you take.

Some non-compliant vehicles will not have to pay for driving in the CAZ. These vehicles are exempt from the charge, and there are both national and local exemptions: