December 11, 2023

Drivers asked to “turn it off” in Cosham

Motorists are being urged to switch their engines off whenever possible in a bid to lower air pollution in Cosham, and reduce the negative impact it has on people’s health.

Portsmouth City Council are launching the campaign to raise awareness of the health impact of engine idling – the act of leaving a vehicle’s engine on when the car is at a temporary stop. An effective campaign will mean everyone in the area can enjoy longer, healthier lives.

Air pollution has a significant impact on children, the elderly, pregnant women, and medically vulnerable groups. This has prompted the council to react to reports of engine idling by Cosham Park House GP surgery near the high street.

By encouraging people to turn their engines off, the city can work together to reduce breathing problems like coughing, wheezing and the worsening of asthma in the short term, and the risk of strokes, lung cancer and heart problems in the long term. Less engine idling means fewer nitrogen dioxide emissions, which is one of the main pollutants affecting human health in Portsmouth.

Cllr Gerald Vernon-Jackson, Cabinet Member for Transport, said “This campaign to reduce engine idling in Cosham prioritises community health. By turning off engines, especially near vulnerable spots like Cosham Park House GP surgery, we aim to create a safer environment for everyone. Let’s act now for cleaner air and better health in Cosham.”

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